Audio Explorations

This activity (a 5-7 minute audio exploration) is intended to allow you to further explore a course topic that has interested you, and as practice for extemporaneous speaking. You may outline your key points, but DO NOT read verbatim from a prepared pre-written statement. Using a phone or computer app should be sufficient for recording an uploadable mp4 or WAV file.

This audio exploration should be a personal account of life in the times of COVID. This is an opportunity for you to archive a personal story, general ruminations, or a political diatribe about the pandemic. These audio files will be included with our ‘Care, Community, and Covid’ microsyllabus. You can think of it as an exercise for posterity’s sake.

Eden Fesseha

Devon Gates

Adrian Hackney

Daniela Liera

Chiamaka Obilo

Olivia Owens

Nidhi Patel