Care, Community, and COVID

Public Syllabus

This public syllabus, curated by Harvard students in the class ‘Care in Critical Times’ was created to provide access to knowledge and resources on the various topics that students studied. Students engaged in “community care projects” which required them to participate in community interventions and interview community members on the topics of care and COVID-19. The syllabus is divided into the various topics that students explored. The goal of the public syllabus, as explained by the students in this class, is to “serve communities beyond that of social anthropologists. We hope that this reimagining and redefining of care within our public syllabus and in our community care projects will inspire others, from all fields, to incorporate care into what they practice in their daily lives, as well as their relationships with others.” Other students described the syllabus’s audience to be “anyone who aims to live a life of thoughtful service.”

Section 1: Education

Samantha Sarafin, Olivia Owens

Section 3: Mentorship

Meherina Khan, Eden Fesseha

Section 5: Art

Devon Gates, Adrian Hackney

Section 7: Historical Revisionism

Chiamaka Obilo

Section 2: Food Insecurity

Nhu Dang

Section 4: Intimate Partner Violence

Nidhi Patel

Section 6: Caregiving

Daniela Liera, Dana Vigue

Section 8: Student Mutual Aid Networks

Uzo Ngwu